Decluttering for a quick house sale

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If you’re considering selling your home any time soon, we can’t stress how important it is to get your house organised as soon as possible ready for viewings.

We recommend decluttering your entire home before putting your home on the market. With more than 98 per cent of buyers looking on to the internet to search for their next homes, the first few seconds’ viewing has become crucial for house sellers. If you look at property websites you see homes for sale you will see some beautiful homes showing bright and airy rooms with a minimum of clutter, flowers on the table, lemons in a bowl and fresh towels and bedding.

Another home could be a cluttered house with unmade beds, with toys and clothes left lying around. – Which house will get the viewing?

It’s a fact that overly cluttered homes can take longer to sell. According to industry experts, decluttering your home before putting it on the market can help sell your property faster. Estate agents have often commented that decluttering makes your home appear larger, which gives the impression of good stroage and it depersonalises the property which helps potential buyers visualise the property as theirs with their own personal belonging. Cluttered houses can create the impression that a home will require repairs and renovation, even if that’s not the case.

Research carried out by Anglian Home Improvements that used eye tracking technology to record what viewers were actually spending time looking at in a new home, revealed that people spent a quarter (24 per cent) of their viewing time looking at clutter around the house.

This wasn't far off the time spent looking at furnishings and décor, which was 27 per cent. While the layout of the house took up only 4 per cent of their viewing time.

Decluttering doesn’t mean hiding everything away in cupboards, lofts or garages, because when you're selling your house, potential buyers want to see everything. That means no area of your home is safe from the view of a perspective house buyer. That's why it's crucial to get rid of items that are surplus to requirements and maximize every square inch of your place by minimizing your overall clutter.

As the results reveal, clutter can distract potential buyers while they view the property. Here are some expert tips on how to avoid this:

1. Check your curb appeal

House hunters love to drive by houses prior to viewing to check out the area. For that reason, it's important to keep your front driveway and garden tidy to make a good first impression.

2. Bulky Furniture

Get rid of all old furniture, appliances, gym equipment, boxes and other unused bulky items

3. Keep your Hallways clear

A narrow hallway can make even the loftiest of homes feel cramped and can be diffiucluty to navigate. Make sure you remove as much visual clutter in yours as possible, to create the illusion of space

4. Showcase the Sitting Room

Living rooms should always be orderly and free of eyesores during open house showings. This calls for clearing out stacks of magazines, editing your bookshelves, and even paring down throw pillows and table accessories that can make the room feel heavy and smaller than it actually is.

5. Tidy the kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the main areas potential buyers look at when purchasing a house to. Worktops should be clean and clear and not overloaded with utensils and gadgets. Ensure you rganise your cupboard to maximise storage and clean out refrigerator and freezer.

6. Keep wardrobes in order

Donate of clothes your haven’t warn in the last six months, don’t hang on to close that no longer fit you. Box up out of season clothes, this will ensure your wardrobes look like the have adequate storage space to a perspective buyer.

7. Bathroom

Everyone knows the difference a bathroom can make for a house hunter, so keeping yours orderly is imperative. Organize everything from your countertops (no one wants to see your makeup and toothbrushes!) to your linen closet and medicine cabinets, so people can visualize what they'll do with the space.

8. Put in Some Work in the Office

If you're lucky enough to have a proper office in your home, rest assured your potential buyers will want to see it. File away or shred old papers, clear off your desk, and cover up unsightly computer cords to create a study area that people will actually want to work in.

9. Touch and Tidy Up Play Areas

Kid's playrooms should be every as tidy as any other bedroom in your place, and the same goes your pet's play areas, too. Limit the number of toys you keep out and make sure to have a nice storage bin to stash them all when they're not being used.

10. Hire a professional

If this all seems like a lot of work for you, consider employing a professional organise or home stager, home staging can have a significant impact on overall sale price, as well ensuring your property

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