Creating a restful bedroom

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In today’s fast paced society with busy families and long stressful work days, it's common for many of us to crave more sleep, but have you ever considered how having a cluttered bedroom could affect this?

Your bedroom should be a calm, peaceful sanctuary for rest and relaxation… but all too often our bedrooms become the dumping grounds of our everyday clutter.

Paperwork, piles of clothes, cosmetics, books, kids toys, furniture and gadgets often manage to find their way in.

We've put together 8 tips to creating the perfect sleep sanctuary.

1. Remove all unnecessary furniture.

Keep your bedroom furniture to a minimum of bare essentials, this create more floor space and reduces the number surfaces for everyday items to accumulate.

2. Do not store things under the bed.

Remove everything that’s under the bed, and decide whether you really need it, people often shove things under the bed with the knowledge that they can “deal with it later”.

3. Organise your clothes.

Have a good look through your wardrobe and decide, which clothes you really need. Remove, those clothes you haven’t worn in a year, or that no longer fit. Donate to charity if in good condition, or throw away if in poor condition.

4. Put your washing away

Tackle the piles of ironing and unfolded washing. Ensuring every is placed neatly where it should be, creates a feeling on calm.

5. Remove all technology

Try to make your bedroom a screen-free zone. Screens emit blue light and affect our ability to sleep.

6. Piles of paperwork

Seeing piles of paperwork in the bedroom can distract the mind with all the things you still need to do and can prevent you falling asleep. To create a safe haven where you can fall asleep easily, keep anything related to work or general life admin at a desk in another room.

7. Be ruthless with that bedside table

We know how easy it is for that bedside table to become covered with empty glasses, cups, pens and other objects, but be ruthless and try clear away anything unneeded on a daily basis. Have only what you need near you so your mind can switch off.

8. Edit the surplus cosmetics

We all have our favourite make-up and things we use, plus a few extras for special occasions, but the rest is just clutter. Go through all your products and if you haven’t used something in six months, bin it.

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